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Physical Therapy

Starting Point Physical Therapy
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Find relief from pain and injuries with our expert physical therapy services at our Camillus Wellness Center. Our licensed therapists use the latest techniques and equipment to create personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs. Whether you're recovering from surgery, managing a chronic condition, or seeking to improve your athletic performance, they can help you achieve your goals. 

Our licensed therapists use the latest techniques and equipment to create personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs
Jennifer Delaney, PT

Jennifer Delaney, PT is an American-Dutch trained physical therapist. She graduated Physiotherapy from Hogeschool Enschede in the Netherlands in 1998. She received a B.S. in sports Medicine and Psychology from Radford University in 1992.
The education she received in the Netherlands focused on manual examination, diagnosis, movement analysis and treatment development of patients. She will use her expertise in these areas to formulate an appropriate treatment plan to promote health and return to function. It is her goal to provide one-on-one Physical Therapy with treatments based on manual techniques, soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular re-education, core and functional training and individualized patient specific oriented goals.
She continues to strive to expand her
knowledge through continuing education seminars promoting evidence- based practice for providing the best standard of care and treatment for her patients. Her specialties include manual therapy skills for treatment of spinal dysfunction, neuromuscular impairment, neurological impairment, orthopedic impairments, chronic pain, vertigo/BPPV and the pediatric population.

Mary Schmutz, PT

Mary Schmutz has been a physical therapist for 30+ years. She began as a biology major at NCSU and UNC-Chapel Hill followed by her acceptance into Old Dominion University’s physical therapy program. Throughout her years as a PT Mary has attended professional seminars including manual therapy courses provided by Michigan State’s osteopathic school of medicine; functional movement courses provided by the Gary Gray Institute and a variety of seminars covering sport-related injuries, Rock tape; neuromuscular causes affecting acute and chronic injuries; balance/vestibular impairments; spinal dysfunctions, chronic pain and lymphedema. 

During her years living in Virginia, Mary served as an instructor for a physical therapy assistant program and received recognition as an orthopedic specialist. She worked on-site and in-clinics with recreational, high school and college athletes. After returning to the CNY area Mary did a short stint in outpatient before providing home care services. Within the this environment she utilized her variety of skills to successfully treat the elderly, patients with acute post-traumatic injuries, joint replacements and spinal surgeries as well as an increasing number of lymphedema and balance/vestibular dysfunctions.

The common thread connecting her years of experience is the recognition of how the various systems within our bodies affects our response to injuries and over-stress to our immune system. From teenagers to adults; from competitive to recreation athletes; to people with life-long disabilities and her own injuries as an active person have added to her wealth of knowledge and understanding on how to assess and successfully treat patients. The focus of her evaluations is to identify the mechanism of injury and to provide a treatment plan that will help the body heal allowing each person to achieve their goals.

Mary’s goal is to offer a high-quality level of care achieving best results in the most efficient time. In comparison to traditional PT clinics Mary and her partner, Jennifer Delaney PT guarantee the time to provide one-on-one services with continuity of care based on best practices including an emphasis on preventive medicine. 

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