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Ken J. Figliozzi

Ken J. Figliozzi, LMT

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Tuesday: until 6:00 PM
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Friday: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Starting in June)

Ken J. Figliozzi, LMT, New York State Licensed Massage Therapist (#009669) graduated with high honors from the New York College of Health Professions, Syosset NY in 1996.  His focus of study was in European and Oriental bodywork. While living on Long Island he gathered massage experience as the sole massage therapist for four Physical Therapy offices, a Chiropractic facility as well as the sole provider of massage for Middle Bay Country Club on the south shore of the island.

Whether it’s a treatment that is more clinical/therapeutic in nature or the focusing on relaxation/stress reduction, Ken’s passion and love for his career as a licensed New York Health Practitioner comes from treating each client as an individual with separate specific needs that should be addressed in order to facilitate balance and wellbeing.  His intent is to make each client feel genuinely cared for, with them leaving the massage table more mobile and with less discomfort.  Ken takes the time to educate his clients so they are more mindful and aware of their own bodies giving them the knowledge to continue gaining a greater state of overall wholeness.

Ken reaches out to the running community to help treat their running related injuries.  Recovery is a major benefit of Massage Therapy, and is therefore very beneficial to a runner’s health.  Running requires sustained, repetitive muscle contractions.  These muscle contractions translate to speed, power, and distance allowing the athlete to run further and faster.  Massage is important to a runner looking for ways to recover faster, prevent injuries, and improve performance.

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