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Kathleen Flanders

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Kathleen suffered with muscle pain, stiffness, and fatigue for twelve years. She couldn’t sleep, was depressed, and felt clueless about what was really wrong with her body. Was she crazy? She was in pain, frustrated, and wanted to solve the problem but found her doctors wouldn’t listen & had no answers. She also didn’t want to take meds to mask her pain. Ultimately, she felt scared & had no idea what the heck was wrong with her. She’d heard of fibromyalgia before, but wasn’t sure if this was causing her suffering. The worst part? No one even really believed anything was wrong with her! She felt alone, angry, & frustrated. So she took it upon herself to figure out the root causes of her health issues.

Kathleen became an expert in health & wellness of women, getting trained at IIN and Holistic Nutrition Labs. All of her research & training paid off when she realized she could SOLVE HER OWN PAIN!

Now, Kathleen’s passionate about helping women like you overcome their pain & end the struggle – with some simple strategies & lifestyle shifts.

You can get back to who you used to be, even if no one else has been able to help you before!

Kathleen is offering a free 30 minute Discovery Session to find out whether this is a right fit for you.