Katy Woods LMT


Chill Out

A relaxing Swedish massage, easing tension and stress from the entire body. Make it truly blissful with aromatherapy and hot towels.

Ideal for those looking to reduce stress and/or manage pain

60 minutes – $70

90 minutes – $90


Aromatherapy – $5

Hot towels – $5

Both – $7

Tune up

A combination of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and stretches. A customized session that targets ‘problem areas’ to help ease chronic pain and tension and to improve posture and recovery.

Ideal for athletes or weekend warriors.

60 minutes (ideal for upper body OR lower body focus) – $85

90 minutes (ideal for full body work) – $110


Biofreeze – $5

Hot towels – $5

Both – $7


A relaxing and comforting massage to ease tension, improve circulation and mobility for a changing body.

60 minutes – $70

Please note, any of the following conditions contraindicates massage therapy:

-high risk of miscarriage


-deep vein thrombosis

-gestational diabetes

-hospitalization during pregnancy

This list is not comprehensive. Always consult your doctor before scheduling a session.


A relaxing Swedish massage to ease stiff tissues and chronic pain. Stretches are included to help improve and maintain range of motion in the joints.

45 minutes – $50

I am also excited to be adding cupping to the list, once I complete the course in the middle of March.