Hatha Yoga

Taught by Sybil Gouchie

Wednesdays 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM

Session 1: 9/19 – 1/24 (6 weeks)
Session 2: 10/31 – 12/5 (6 weeks)


Yoga Sculpt

Hatha – All levels – A Kripalu based class teaching classic yoga postures with deep awareness of correct alignment. Each class begins with centering on breath (pranayama) allowing you to turn inward and focus on the experience of the body & breath (meditation). Gentle warm-up stretches follow and move into a variety of yoga postures (asanas). The postures will challenge the body & mind through stretching, relaxing and breathing while holding the postures. Postures and holding times will be tailored according to fitness level of the class. This practice helps train the mind to be focused, alert and composed. Class ends with a lying out relaxation incorporating affirmations or guided relaxation. You will leave class feeling balanced, relaxed and energized.