Erica Geller

Erica Geller

Reiki Master and teacher of Reiki
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Reiki Share

Tuesdays: 6:30 PM – 8:000 PM at Willow Health & Wellness Center

Erica Geller is a clairvoyant psychic medium, Reiki master and instructor of Reiki, Tarot, meditation and mediumship. Her lifelong adventure in learning about the gift of intuition through dream analysis and meditation gives her insight into the issues her clients face and the type of healing each client needs.

Erica’s primary work is in administering Reiki healing to clients and communicating with their loved ones who have passed on.  Also amongst Erica’s skills are performing Reiki healings and psychic readings on pets. Erica is a successful blogger and owner of the site, where she shares tips about psychic development and the spirit world.  She specializes particularly in healing those suffering from depression and anxiety and is working on a book detailing her path to becoming a successful psychic medium.

Reiki Share Description:

Experience the healing energy of Reiki and spiritual messages from beyond with an experienced level III Reiki master. Feel tension and worry melt peacefully away and receive a one-card reading before the session and messages from a gifted psychic during your time on the table. In turn, witness how to deliver the healing power of Reiki and determine whether the practice is right for your individual journey. During a group Reiki share, each person receives time on the table, in which stagnant energy is moved through their major chakras to be replaced by healing energy from the group. Reiki is known for bringing peace to participants and opening up the pathways to increased intuition. All are welcome, no experience necessary.